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你好,答案为 前者为批发商,后者为零售商 希望可以帮到你,有什么不懂的地方可以继续追问我哦

food manufactures and retailers 食品生产者和零售商

Stores will want to sell it because we will be giving our retailers lots of incentives. 零售商将乐意销售这种商品因为我们将提供多种激励措施。 Free samples, competitions for trips to the laboratories in Paris, "designer accessori...


it is beneficial to consumers and retailers alike in more than one way. 这对消费者同样还有零售商都有不止一个方面的好处。 alike 在句中是副词,意思是同样地、两者都


For retailers, who last year took in 24 percent of their revenue between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the cautious approach is coming at a crucial time....

Only Microsoft approved retailers selling Office 2007 will entitle you to the free upgrade 只有通过零售商购买的微软Office 2007才给你免费的升级。 Microsoft approved 修饰 ratailers (零售商) Only Microsoft approved retailers sel...


and Christmas是retailers的定语从句,For retailers是状语部分,句子主语是the cautions approach,谓语动词是is coming,at a cruical time是时间状语了。 本回答由提问...

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