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reminded,修饰物,reminding修饰人的心情 remained不能放在名词前做定语,而要用remaining. Most of people leave,only two remained. There are only two remaining people.

后置就是放在名词后,前置就是放在名词前。 We don't have any food left. The house is old,with little remaining furniture.

remaining 形容词,意为“剩余的,常作前置定语;而left则只能作后置定语。 There are no books left in the room He used his remaining money to buy him a book remained 是remain的过去式和过去分词形式 是保持, 逗留, 剩余, 残存的意思

remaining的意思是:剩下的,剩余的 。

remains [ri'meinz] n. 1.剩下的人;剩余物 2.残存部分;余额 3.遗体,尸体;遗骨 4.遗迹;遗物 5.遗稿;遗墨 remainings没有 remaining adj. 剩下的,剩余的

PDUs remaining to renew的中文翻译 PDUs remaining to renew PDU剩余的更新

Data remaining(数据残余)按取消作业键解决问题 参考http://blog.sina.com.cn/tltkzx

do you want to run the remaining memory tests ? this will take about 30 minutes or more . do you want to continue ? (Recommended) ...

没有墨粉 通常会显示 "toner out" Remaining life of: *DRUM 2886 24.4% 只是说墨粉还剩下24.4%. 如果 打印效果不好的话,可以把它拿出来水平地...

求问checklist里面最后一项additional information关于家人留在国内的问题怎么弄的evidence of family members remaining in your home country whist your travel求分享...

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