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找一首是男声的英文歌,最后一句歌词是"BrokEn hEArt"

是欧美抒情r&b的吗,donnie-j唱的一首broken heart 是节奏感很强的抒情rb

Butterflies 播放 歌手:Medina 语言:英语 所属专辑:Forever 发行时间:2012-06-01

michael learns to rock-frostbite 还有高潮部分不是you can是you get

me and my broken heart 我和我破碎的心~

是 im feeling drunk and high,so high,so high...歌名hymn for the weekend

中国人唱的我就没听过 外国的有首歌就是这名字我到听过

Willie Nelson Uploaded by Kenny Lee I lost my mind so long ago I wanted everyone to know I wanted everyone to see My broken heart belong to me I go beyond the thought of you And a broken heart was nothing new I wanted everyone...

Blessed By A Broken Heart -《Pedal To The Metal》? break your heart taio cruz ? only love can break your heart neil young ? 也不知道你说的是哪首,把几首有break heart 的都找出来了 哈哈

这个是Rixton的Me and my broken heart.

Agnes Carlsson - I Believe / 艾歌斯.凯尔逊 - 我相信 ShaGuar @ LK 歌词组 _Bing & _Jing I heard an angel whisper so softly in my ear I couldn′t 我听到天使在我耳朵轻轻诉说 我无法控制 Hear the words but the message came in loud and...

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